More Connection. More Communication. More Collaboration. 

Teambuilding with Improvisational Theatre

More Connection. More Communication. More Collaboration. 

Teambuilding with Improvisational Theatre

Your team "writes stories" every single day!

If you want those stories to turn out to be engaging, motivating and successful - the people in your team require a certain skill set as well as the right attitude:

  • How well people listen to each other.
  • How well people know and trust each other.
  • How openly people exchange ideas collaboratively.
  • How bold they decide and: take action!
  • How well they handle change and adapt.
  • How well they deal with mistakes and uncertainty.

Improvisational theatre (short: improv) teaches us those exact skills as well as the underlying (essential!) mindset playfully and practically. Without having fear of making mistakes. Instead, with an invitation to experiment courageously and "just doing it". Accompanied by spontaneity, action, and (promise!) lots of wonderful surprises!

In Improv, there is no script. Just like in business!

Instead, everything arises at the moment. Right here. Right now. Based on what is available. And what each individual brings to the table. This makes improv theatre an exciting playing field to explore, experiment, and learn. To win new perspectives, develop your mindset as well as your attitude. A safe space to train those skills for business - and life - that will lead to stories of success (and fun!).

Hence, it's no surprise that nowadays Universities like Duke, MIT or Stanford use improv as a method to teach and train important business skills in their management programs. And with this event, you and your team can experience the same! MIT oder Harvard Impro als Methode verwenden, um essenzielle Fähigkeiten im Geschäftsumfeld zu lehren und trainieren.

Ready for a new team experience your people will remember?

With a lot of energy, fun and creativity, I guide the participants through short playful units. Everyone immediately starts sharing, trying things out and exchanging ideas with each other. Quickly, people not only get to know each other better and also collect valuable impulses, ideas and principles. Those insights will help everyone in the team to: - handle mistakes more productively,
- support each other more strongly, - communicate more effectively, - play together as a team more effectively.

This sets the foundation to tackle the daily business challenges even better in the future.

Working with me is easy! Here's how...

The Call

We'll quickly find a date and have a call, so I can understand your situation, goals, expectations, and wishes. This is the basis for a perfect event!

The Offer

Based on our call, I develop your individual offer and present it to you via video call. So you will understand AND feel right away what is awaiting you and your team.

The Event

From minute one, I'll have your back helping you to organize an unforgettable experience, for you and your team.


For our annual offsite event with our P&O team (37 people), we were in search of a truly special experience. Through a recommendation, we came across Tino and his teambuilding with improvisational theater. We quickly became excited about the idea and were ready to try something completely different. Our verdict? A resounding success – everyone was thoroughly impressed! The day was marked by numerous valuable insights that swiftly found their way into our professional routines. The principles we learned help us collaborate even better as a team, handle mistakes more gracefully and productively, and switch perspectives more frequently. Moreover, these principles can also be applied effectively in our personal lives. Through play and lots of fun, we bonded as a team on this day. Our unity has become even stronger, and the spirit after the event is truly exceptional. Tino's experienced, humorous, and inspiring approach managed to win over even initial skeptics. Overall, it was a captivating day for our team, one that was not only completely unique but will also have a lasting impact. Absolutely recommended!

Michael Weckesser, Personnel Manager I Siemens

Thank you, dear Tino, for this fantastic experience! We were all thrilled, and I was surprised by how much creativity could be awakened in each of us. You managed to engage both extroverted and introverted colleagues, taking everyone along on this exciting journey. Experiencing agility, learning, and hearty laughter – a wonderful combination! We'll definitely see you again!

For a two-day team workshop, I was in search of a special team event where we could step out of our comfort zone, have fun, and also gain insights for our professional routines. With Tino and his improvisational format, we found exactly that. It was a fantastic event! Even initial skeptics were quickly engaged with enthusiasm thanks to Tino's approach. The feedback after the event was exclusively positive. At the end of a challenging first day of workshops, our event served as a true 'Wake-Up' effect, helping to untangle team dynamics, particularly in terms of collaboration. This allowed us to approach the second day much more relaxed and at ease, which was beneficial for all of us.