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Patryk Kopik

Managing Director DACH-Region

19. September 2018

Positive Experience and Long-Term Benefit

„The workshop with Tino has brought me a lot. I have learned to look at things from different angles, to consider all possible variations, and to assess risks. The fact that it was a packed into a poker game was a very positive experience for me and will continue to benefit for a long time. Thank you Tino!“

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen

Be My Eyes

13. September 2018

We Can Learn a Lot From the Poker Table

„I recently participated in Tino’s decision making workshop in Berlin. It was a very interesting and it gave useful insights for decision making – and there is indeed a lot we can learn from the poker table. Tino’s approach of combing theory and actual interaction on the table was very useful. Thanks.“

Mae Mavroudi

Operations Manager

12. September 2018

Poker was great for decision making management

„I worked with Tino at one of our Microsoft events. He is a great coach with dynamic content on his workshop. The Poker session was great for strategic design and decision making management.“

Microsoft ScaleUp

12. September 2018

Entertaining and Educational

„During Kick-off Week of our Batch#3 Program, our dynamic Startups enjoyed a workshop by Tino Engel. The Mental Game of Decision Making combined with a proper poker session both entertained and educated the team on how to build strategic thinking skills and reach the right decision.“

Veneta Pissarska

Lesaffre Bulgaria
Executive Managner

18. Juli 2018

A Very Efficient Way to Realize My Potential

„Congratulations to Tino Engel! I had great time participating in your decision-making class, two weeks ago. Learning decision-making through poker was for me a very efficient way to realize my potential in absorbing and processing new information and making decisions either relying on my intuition and/or using analytical methods. The professionalism and energy of the trainer is sincerely appreciated. Strongly recommend this learning by playing class.“

Dagmar Bottenbruch

vaamo Finanz AG

20. September 2017

An Excellent Experience!

„Participated in Tino’s Poker and Decision Making Seminar. I went, because I have made quite a few mistakes in my life on investment decisions, particularly follow-ups … I learned indeed. Of course, regulation prevents to play with real money. For me that would have been better, but it was an excellent experience! Recommended!“

Michael Zhu-Lampel

Marketing Consultant for Finance and iGaming

20. September 2017

Conntecting Real-Life Situations With Business Solutions

„Tino is a great bi-lingual speaker and impressed me through his presentation skills by connecting business models / management tools with real-life stories and popular films.

Picking the right people to form a group that works well together in workshops is top-notch and I also liked his ability to catch people in real life situations and connect this with his business solutions. A warm, friendly and well educated professional!“

David Klemm

David Klemm


20. September 2017

Best Training For Rational Decision-Making!

„I have recently participated in one of Tino’s poker-based sessions for decision making and I can highly recommend those. I found the insights driven by analyzing moves at the poker table very valuable, and Tino did a great job linking rather dry theoretical concepts around rational decision making back to immediately practicable recommendations. Combining it with real poker playing under the supervision of a real poker pro made for a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Again, in my view, the best training for rational decision making I have come across!“

Robert Gerlach

Robert Gerlach

Sales Director DACH

15. Juni 2017

Exciting Experience

„The session with Tino was an exciting experience. Can recommend it!“

Denise Banks-Grasedyck

Denise Banks-Grasedyck

Leadership and Personal Development Coach

30. Mai 2017

A Training Transferable to Many Different Industries

„In addition to the keen strategic mind of a great poker player, Tino has great interpersonal skills and is a natural talent as a trainer. I attended a training session and was impressed at his ability to make the training relatable and transferable to many different industries and business models. The training was not only informative, it was much more fun than I had expected!“

Oliver John Rivera

Business Development DACH & Eastern Europe

23. Mai 2017

 Important Parallels Between Poker and Organizations

„An innovator of boundless energy and high resourcefulness accurately describes Tino. During his training seminar on better decision making, Tino led our group of executive managers and entrepreneurs through several rounds of Poker. In doing so, many important parallels were drawn between poker as an enterprise and an actual organization. A very creative and concrete way for us participants to experience first hand how to approach decisions, when the stakes are high and emotions threaten to sabotage our mental processes, all done in a safe learning environment. I highly recommend Tino to further enrich the development of your company’s decision making leadership.“

Olivia Schofield

Olivia Schofield

Spectacular Speaking

23. Mai 2017

The World of Better Decisions

„It was a dark and foreign environment for a good girl like me. Walking into the poker lounge, leaving the sun behind, I entered the world of bets, bluffs and better decisions. Tino, our trainer, guided us through the world of decisions, their odds and their consequences, in a secret poker location in the heart of Berlin. I was amazed at how much I learnt about myself and my own decision making process. And boy was it fun!!“

Peter Vitezy

Peter Vitezy


22. April 2017

Tino was the perfect match for ActionLab

„An ex-poker player with relevant studies and huge ambitions to leave a real footprint. He is also a very rare combination being inspiring, a thorough thinker and real fun. A conversation with him stays with you for hours. His passion to develop himself and others makes him a role model to me. Be aware: if you pick on him his sarcasm will hit you!

Tino, I know you understand luck differently compared to the majority of the people. Still: Good luck!“