All-in for Team Spirit, Teamwork & Business-Skills

Virtual Team Events & Trainings at the Poker Table

All-in for Team Spirit, Teamwork & Business-Skills

Virtual Team Events & Trainings at the Poker Table

Team Poker* - playful learning, having fun, winning big as a Team

Take your seat as a team at a real poker table. Together with a former poker-pro, you'll enter the fascinating and thrilling world of cards and chips. Chances and risks. Players, and above all: people.

Meet the people in your team in a new way. Learn about them, share with them, bond with them. Or as the Greek philosopher Platon said once so wisely:

You can learn more about a person in one hour of play than in one year of conversation.

Beside boosting the connection in your team, poker offers plenty of lessons useful in business as well. Decision-making, dealing with change, handling your emotions, communicating effectively, changing perspectives, and understanding people to name a few.

No matter, if used for a virtual team event or as an intense team training. You're just one click away from an experiential (learning) adventure, that your team will love and thankfully remember for a long time!

And this is not a bluff. It's a promise!

* Team Poker is a unique concept in which people don't play alone but in small teams (usually teams of 2 or 3 people). In addition, the participants need NO prior poker knowledge!

What makes the events & trainings at the poker table so special?

  • Real poker table, real cards, real chips for maximum experience
  • Professional moderation through a former poker.-pro and experienced business trainer
  • 100 % beginners-friendly thanks to a personal introduction to the game
  • High level of entertainment thanks to music, sound effects, movie scenes, and more
  • Maximum INTERaction thanks to the Team-Poker-Concept (playing in small teams)
  • Join with just one click via Zoom or MS Teams. NO additional software needed!

Working with me is easy! Here's how...

The Call

We'll quickly find a date and have a call, so I can understand your situation, goals, expectations, and wishes. This is the basis for a perfect event!

The Offer

Based on our call, I develop your individual offer and present it to you via video call. At the poker table! So you will feel right away what is awaiting you and your team.

The Event

From minute one I'll have your back: I'll take over the preparation of the participants, send out the e-mails, answer questions. My main focus? Delivering an unforgettable experience, to you and your team.


Excellent moderation, perfect technical setup. Though it was online, we have never had such a team spirit as we had with Team-Poker. Everybody was engaged from the get-go. 100 % excitement! Even the complete beginners among us - literally everyone ;) - had tons of fun. But the best of all: We learned from each other, gained new insights, and grew together as a team. The running gags as well as anecdotes will accompany us for a very long time. Big thanks, Tino!

Thanks, Tino, for this wonderful session! Super set up, humorous moderation, and lots of fun. This event helped us a lot to strengthen our team spirit in a way that would even have been impossible offline.

Valuable, helpful and tailor-made! Our investment was a great success, especially from the point of view of human development. From the very first minute, Tino proved to be not only competent, but also a warm-hearted person who understood how to integrate all of our wishes and concerns. Excellent technical setup and delivery as well.

An offer that really stands out and inspires. Top preparation of the participants, sensational technical implementation and perfect moderation throughout the evening.Tino's personable nature and his quick communication made the event an easy decision for us. Absolute recommendation!

One of the best virtual event formats we've ever had for our global team. It was not only lots of fun, but also allowed us to meet each other in a refreshing new way. Everybody loved it!

The way Tino uses poker as a serious game to experience and reflect decision-making is very inspiring. As part of our training for management courses it turned out to be an exciting way to discuss what it means to change perspectives, deal with change, take risks and much more. Highly recommended!

No matter if a complete beginner or advanced player - the combination of business and poker turns every event into a special one that people love. We gained lots of insights concerning risk-taking, decisiveness, and changing perspectives. Looking forward to our next session!

Tino took our team on an exciting journey to the virtual poker table. Technically perfectly implemented and professionally moderated, it was a very special event that was a lot of fun and showed the team members in a new light. The time flew by, we could have gone on for hours. Tino is a good guy with humor and empathy. Unreserved recommendation

A special experience that, thanks to its analogue elements, has pleasantly set itself apart from the "everything digital" mishmash and to promote exchange on a personal level.

Dr. Martin Fritz, Partner I Accso - Accelerated Solutions GmbH

Many thanks for that fantastic event. Really something unique and entertaining. Excellent moderation. Even for a beginner, easy to get into the game and tons of fun.

Sonja Ecker , Assistant Power Tools & Accessories. Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

A great event for our leadership team after a day filled with lots of meetings. Meeting your colleagues in a completely different setting and the environment was not only fun but also a wonderful experience that clearly speaks for Tino and his concept!

Seline Wagner, Team & Project Assistant Life Science | Connected Lab bei Merck KGaA