Blog für mehr Connection, Kommunikation & Teamwork2023-06-01T12:09:03+02:00

Winning new perspectives & opportunities as a manager, as a team, as a human being. Playfully!

In this blog I provide impulses, tips and ideas that lead to more connection in teams, more effective communication and better teamwork. Specifically, I address topics such as decision-making, communication, (playful) learning, mindset, mistakes or feedback. Always with a focus on the three levels of thinking, feeling and acting. In addition, I'd love to look at things through the lens (and power) of play, e.g. by using the experiential playing and learning fields "poker" and "improv".

My goal is to help you and me to get a little bit better in the areas mentioned above with every post. As a leader, as a team, as a person. So that the positive effect we have on others will increase over time.

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