More Connection. More Collaboration. More Communication.

On- & offline Team Events, Trainings & Workshops 

More Connection. More Collaboration. More Communication.

On- & offline Team Events, Trainings & Workshops 

Surprising. Exciting. Moving.

That's what the participants can expect in my events, trainings, and workshops. Online as well as offline. Why? Because they deserve a vivid learning experience, far from dusty theories. Because team spirit, communication, decision-making, and teamwork are way too important to be presented boringly. Because if they don't feel it, they won't remember. And everything remains the same and new opportunity remain wishful thinking.

Jim Carrey said once:

The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.

This idea drives me, motivates me, and helps me to focus on what is most important: people! Their experiences, skills, and challenges. Supporting them in discovering new perspectives and solutions in a competent, humorous, and passionate way is the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing.

My Offer - Your Choice

All-in für Wir-Gefühl, Teamwork & Business-Skills - mit virtuellem Tea-Poker Events & Trainings

ONLINE TEAM EVENT & TRAINING WITH POKER All-in for Team Spirit, Teamwork & Business-Skills

Mehr Austausch. Mehr Wir-Gefühl. Mehr Teamwork. Spielend! Virtuelle Teamevents mit Impro-Theater

ONLINE TEAM EVENT & WORKSHOP WITH IMPROV: More Connection, Communication & Collaboration

Grundlagen-Kommunikationstraining Für mehr Zufriedenheit, Engagement & Zusammenarbeit Ihrer Mitarbeiter

ONLINE COMMUNICATION TRAINING: Effective Communication, more Engagement & better Teamwork.

on kleinen Chips & großen Chancen – Der inspirierende Business-Vortrag


Wir-Gefühl stärken. Teamplay verbessern. Entscheiden trainieren. Spielend!

IN-PERSON TEAM EVENT & TRAINING WITH POKER: Boosting Connection, Teamwork & Decision-Making

Mehr Wir-Gefühl, Kommunikation & Zusammenarbeit. Mit Impro!

IN-PERSON TEAM EVENT & WORKSHOPS WITH IMPROV : More Connection, Communication & Collaboration.

Kommunikationstraining für effektivere Kommunikation, mehr-Engagement und bessere Zusammenarbeit

IN-PERSON COMMUNICATION TRAINING: Strengthening Communication, Engagement & Teamwork.

Von kleinen Chips & großen Chancen – Was wir von Poker fürs Business & Leben lernen können!



Bringing people together with charm and humor is Tino's secret of success. Playfully and with ease, he brought everyone in our new team closer to each other. His feeling for people and situations is special, and his professional appearance in virtual space is unique. In our event he used methods from improvisational theater, and it was full of joy, wonderfully inspiring and entertaining. His impulses were very valuable for our team. We thank you, dear Tino, and look forward to the next time.

Thanks, Tino, for this wonderful session! Super set up, humorous moderation, and lots of fun. This event helped us a lot to strengthen our team spirit in a way that would even have been impossible offline.

Thank you, dear Tino, for this great experience! We were all excited, and I was surprised at how much creativity could be awakened in everyone. You have managed to respond to both extroverted and introverted colleagues, and to take everyone with you on this exciting journey. Experiencing agility, learning and laughing heartily - all at once! A great combination! We will definitely see each other again 😉.

One of the best virtual event formats we've ever had for our global team. It was not only lots of fun, but also allowed us to meet each other in a refreshing new way. Everybody loved it!

Tino took our team on an exciting journey to the virtual poker table. Technically perfectly implemented and professionally moderated, it was a very special event that was a lot of fun and showed the team members in a new light. The time flew by, we could have gone on for hours. Tino is a good guy with humor and empathy. Unreserved recommendation

Thank you Tino for taking my team and I on an amazing journey into the poker world. You inspired us with your presentation on decision-making situations in a complex environment, on the topic of agility, establishing a healthy error culture and resilience and bridged the gap from the poker table to everyday business. We were very inspired that evening and took with us many suggestions for our everyday life in a VUCA Business World.

A great event for our leadership team after a day filled with lots of meetings. Meeting your colleagues in a completely different setting and the environment was not only fun but also a wonderful experience that clearly speaks for Tino and his concept!

Seline Wagner, Team & Project Assistant Life Science | Connected Lab bei Merck KGaA

Tino passionately showed that poker is an exciting serious game for experiencing and reflecting on decision-making behavior under uncertainty. The workshops were very inspiring in both face-to-face and online formats. Thank you for being our guest this semester as part of our "Students meet Experts" series of events. At an online poker game, we discussed with management students what it means to take different perspectives, put yourself in the shoes of others, cope with change, interpret a poker face, assess risk and deal with stress. All in!

A wonderful digital experience! With a high level of professionalism, exciting anecdotes and stories, Tino guided us confidently, always appreciatively and in the best atmosphere through the topics of error culture, teamwork and self-management. I take a lot of impulses and ideas from the workshop with me. Privately, professionally, for our team as well as my own role. Absolute recommendation for teams who want to improve their error culture in a very practical and playful way and grow together!

Dr. Silke Lichtenstein, Managing Director I Dr. Rainer Wild-Stiftung I Heidelberg

A fantastic day! The mixture of games and theory was perfect! I discovered new choices. The experience gained will help me to use resources more consciously, to be happy to take on more responsibility and no longer be afraid of making mistakes.

Our team event was a successful day, with new insights, good team spirit and lots of fun. Tino was able to build the bridge between poker and business, as well as our day-to-day behavior, in an amusing and amazingly well articulated way.

Thomas Wendt, Head of HR News Media Print National I Axel Springer SE

During our in-person Strategy Day, Tino repeatedly set the tone as a trainer and moderator. Humorous, entertaining, professional. The day led to an intensive exchange with many new impulses. A big success!

Lars-Alexander Mayer, CEO I TD Reply

Learning decision-making through poker was for me a very efficient way to realize my potential in absorbing and processing new information and making decisions … Professional and high-energy.  Strongly recommend this learning by playing class.

Veneta Pissarska, Executive Manager at Lesaffre Bulgaria

… interesting insights into the world of decision-making, the role of the mindset and the importance of focus. The theory parts were always followed by practical poker sessions, which the whole team really enjoyed.

Janina Wirtz, Head of Academy OSTHUS GmbH

I worked with Tino at one of our Microsoft events. He is a great coach with dynamic content on his workshop. The Poker session was great for strategic design and decision-making management.

Mae Mavroudi, Microsoft ScaleUp, Operations Manager

I have learned to look at things from different angles, to consider all possible variations, and to assess risks. The fact that it was a packed into a poker game was a very positive experience for me and will continue to benefit for a long time. Thank you Tino!

Patryk Kopik, Managing Director DACH-Region Agorize

With know-how and competence, Tino Engel ensures horizon-broadening moments for the entire team. Tino Engel not only enriched our knowledge and thereby made us more successful, it was also a lot of fun.

René Vierkorn, CCO & Evangelist I freedom manufaktur GmbH

Tino gave useful insights for decision-making. There is indeed a lot we can learn from the poker table. Tino’s approach of combing theory and actual interaction on the table was very useful.

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen, CCO at Be My Eyes

About Tino Engel a trainer

  • 3-years of Trainer Education (DVNLP) since 2018
  • former professional poker player and poker-coach with a passion for using poker as a serious game in business
  • Specialized in virtual and experiential formats
  • loves using his insights and knowledge of improvisational theater to create highly engaging team events and workshops
  •  key topics: interpersonal communication, teamwork, decision-making, feedback, failure culture, psychological safety, presentations
  • very active member in Toastmasters Public Speaking Club since 2016 (including the role of the club president, speaking contests etc.) a person

  • passionate Dad of two kids
  • big fan of podcasts & audiobooks
  • loves running, hiking & Jazz